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With The Knowledge Of Elevator Safety By

Star Elevator International Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

Correct: in the waiting hall, to the station to go upstairs please press the call button up "delta", need to press the call button down "▽ downstairs". Button lights indicate that the call has been registered (if the button has been other passengers according to bright, there is no need to re Press), the car is coming to the station. The car arrives at the station will automatically open the door, passengers from the direction indicator to confirm the car will uplink or downlink. If the car running direction and call Fang Xiangxiang, had to call button light will be extinguished, that take the passenger ladder; if the opposite direction, then call button lights off, passengers need to wait for.

If you are in the 3 floor to take the elevator to the 1 floor, you should press down outbound 3 floor button, if you see a button lamp was lit, said signal has been registered. To the 3 floor and 3 floor button in the elevator, lights, elevators responsive to your needs. At this point, you can enter the car by 1 layer selected button, the elevator will take you to the 1 floor. Example two: elevator is orthodromic response outbound signal. For example, your building has 8 floors.

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Our main products include Passenger lift, freight lift, panoramic lift, hospital lift, car lift, escalator and moving sidewalk. Elevator with machine room and machine room less, speed from 0.5m/s to 6m/s.

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Tel: +86-18657206998

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Address: Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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