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The Elevator Of Fire Requirements

Star Elevator International Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

A, fire elevator function and setting range

The elevator is mainly used in high-rise buildings, is the main transportation tool vertical link, for example, the two building was crashed into the world trade center in America has 208 elevators. A passenger elevator, elevator, sightseeing elevator, escalator and elevator and its main types of fire, fire elevator and elevator and elevator etc..

1, the function of setting. Work of the elevator in case of fire often because of power failure and no smoke and other reasons to stop using, then set the fire elevator, its main functions: one is for firefighters to carry fire-fighting equipment into high-rise fire; two is to rescue the injured and sick personnel evacuation; three is to avoid the fire and evacuation of personnel to form a "collision" in the evacuation stairs, already delayed extinguishing time, and the influence of evacuation; four is to prevent fire stairs, through long time consumption, physical strength is not enough, can not guarantee into battle.

2, the set range. In the design of high-rise building, should according to the importance of buildings, building area, height, such as the nature of the use case set fire elevator. Usually, building height over 32 meters and with the elevator high-rise buildings and building height over 32 meters of high-rise warehouse, each fire zone should be set up 1 sets of fire elevator; height of more than one kind of building, 24 meters in the 10 layer and 10 layer above the tower residential building, 12 layer and 12 layer above the unit housing and the porch type residential building, height more than 32 meters of the two types of high-rise public buildings should be set fire elevator.

3, setting requirements. The number of fire elevator according to the main floor space to determine, for example, Japanese regulations, every floor area less than 1500 square meters, 3000 square meters each increased a fire elevator. Chinese provisions, each fire zone should set a fire elevator, every floor area of not more than 1500 square meters with a more than 1500 square meters, and not less than 4500 square metres of 2 sets of 4500 square meters, more than 3 sets of.

4, setting position. Fire elevator should be located in the fire zone in different, any partition of fire fighting are convenient, the plane position must contact with the outside world is convenient, in the first layer should be through outdoor outlet, or by the security channel length 30 meters arrive outdoor. In the design, it is best to fire elevator and staircase layout. The asylum escape to move closer to the fire fighting and rescue, the formation of a reliable security zone, between the two elevator to take measures to avoid mutual separation, preventing the formation of adverse. In addition, each room fire compartments to fire elevator safety distance of not more than 30 meters, in order to ensure the safety of firefighters rescue.

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Tel: +86-18657206998

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Address: Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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