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How the elevator is maintained

Star Elevator International Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2017

How the elevator is maintained

A) routine maintenance is through the maintenance of the eyes, ears, nose, hands, body, equipment and its operating status to observe, check and simple test. Timely detection and resolution of fault signs. Usually two weeks for routine maintenance.

B) regular maintenance is through the operation of certain parts of the equipment for a detailed inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment, so that the parts to meet the necessary standards, fundamentally guarantee the inherent quality of equipment. Usually a month for a regular maintenance.


The size of the district directly affect the size of the district, the best in more than 150,000 square meters, 300,000 square meters below. Community facilities are complete, the relationship between the convenience of the residents, such as supermarkets, clubs, transportation, banking, education, medical and so the better; community landscaping is very important, implicated in the future life bit by bit. It is necessary to be beautiful, but also to be practical, so as not to maintain the cost of the future is too high; district lots do not choose too far, should choose the city area.


To see is the row of type or single block type, in general, the only block can be fully enjoy the 270 ° three sides of the spacious and comfortable. But also to see small high-level groups, is a small high-rise plus high-level, or small high-level multi-layer group? Specifically, small high-level multi-layer group can be even more high-level noble. Is a ladder two households, a ladder or a ladder is also very important four. It is best to choose a ladder two households, it can better achieve north-south convection, lighting ventilation is better.


1, north and south completely convection, into the deep. 

2, living room and restaurant function partition clear, static and dynamic, visual flow, but do not interfere. 

3, restaurant and kitchen near, and bright, convenient and comfortable dining. 

4, the master bedroom should have a small sun room, can stop to watch 270 ° scenery. 

5, without any black room black Wei, do all the bright light. 

6, living room with two rooms (three bedrooms) Chaoyang best. 

7, the elevator can watch.

The main parameters

1, to see the elevator room: the size should be moderate, ride can be comfortable, if the view is no better. 

2, depends on the elevator load: each load should be 400kg. 

3, depends on the elevator rate: preferably not more than 0.4 m / s. Global transparent tourist villa lift, the ultimate landscape to enjoy the stimulus.

Tel: +86-572-3070709

Fax: +86-572-3070710

Cellphone: +86-18657206998


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Tel: +86-18657206998

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Address: Nanxun Economic Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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